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TriLife Multisports is a social multisports club covering swimming, cycling, running and triathlon.  Find out more about us by downloading our TriLife Flyer

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Trilife offers the following membership packages:

Club Membership

  • Adult membership  (R350 pp per annum) for persons older than 18
  • Family membership (R250 pp per annum) for families with 3 members or more
  • Junior membership (R200 pp per annum) for persons younger than 18

TSA Licencing

  • Recreational licence (R280 pp per annum). This license allows race participation, but not selection for provincial teams
  • Adult full licence (R450 pp per annum).  This license allows race participation and selection for provincial teams

Please complete the Membership Application 2018, and send it to We will invoice you and on payment you will be issued with you membership and license number

Club Kit

TriLife has developed club kit which is used for training and racing purposes.  TSA require club members to race in club kit, which we support.  It is not only good for the promotion of our club, but good exposure for our sponsors and also creates club spirit and competition.

The TriLife Club Kit Range

Two-Piece Trisuits (Mens & Womens)

Two Piece Trisuits














One-Piece Tristuits (Mens & Womens)

TriLife Trisuit 1 piece_2016














Cycling Tops (Mens & Womens)

TriLife Cycle Top_2016














Cycling Gillets (Mens & Womens)

TriLife Gilet_2016